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Filing Homeowners Insurance Claims

Natural catastrophes have destroyed millions of dollars in property this year and many homeowners have filed insurance claims for help in rebuilding and restoring their properties. It is Valley 3 Builders responsibility to ensure a fair evaluation takes place during the insurance adjustment when our services are requested.

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We do everything to ensure the insurance company follows the protocol set by the Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania department of insurance. We have professionals working directly with our team who have overturned denials due to technicalities. The collective and collaborative efforts at Valley 3 Builders have left hundreds of property owners satisfied!


The United Policyholders, a non-profit group focused on “empowering the insured,” suggests the following:

  • 1 Be pro-active in the claim process and have your contractor involved (Valley 3 Builders).
  • 2 You’re not on a level playing field when you’re dealing with an insurance claim.
  • 3 Think of your insurance claim as a business negotiation—you’re dealing with a for-profit company.
  • 4 Give your insurance company a chance to do the right thing, but don’t mistake a friendly representative for a friend.
  • 5 Document and support your claim with proof, details and estimates.
  • 6 Present clear requests in writing that explain what you need, when you need it, and why you’re entitled to it.
  • 7 Don’t pad or exaggerate your claim.
  • 8 Don’t sign legal documents without consulting with a qualified attorney.
  • 9 Try to resolve problems informally but complain in writing, go up the chain of command and/or use government agency help when necessary.
  • 10 Get specialized professional help when you need it….
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